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Custom Straw Toppers 10MM - Multiple Designs

Custom Straw Toppers 10MM - Multiple Designs

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🥤We are back with more new straw toppers 🎉
Elevate your drinking experience with our 10mm straw topper.
Made of silicone, it provides a secure fit for 40 oz straws and a looser fit for 20-30 oz straws.

The perfect accessory for your tumblers!  Add some style and keep your straw closed when you’re not drinking. 

✨ Straw toppers help prevent bugs, sand, dirt, grass clippings from going down your straw!


🥤 10mm (best fit on 40 oz straws) but will fit the 20 & 30 oz straws loosely as well (8mm)!



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Customer Reviews

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Love my toppers!!! Fits very well and so very beautiful and adorable!!

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