Collection: Current Pre-Orders

We offer a variety of products via pre-orders.  Pre-Orders are the surefire way to guarantee you get your preferred item in your desired color, size, design, etc.

Our suppliers do sometimes have extras but there are no guarantees.  So if you see something you love, grab it!

Most preorders arrive in 4-6 weeks but each item will have more details in the descriptions.

On average, you can estimate these lead times from date of close (not date of order):
Leggings, Joggers, Loungers: 4-6 weeks
Storehouse Flats: 8 weeks
Shoes: 2-4 weeks
Hoodie Blankets & Fleece Jackets: 8-10 weeks
Gifts: 4-6 weeks though these may have more specific info on the listings
Tumblers: 2-3 weeks
Graphic tees: 1-4 weeks (this varies by type of tee & supplier.  Bleached tees take longer.)