Nail Polish Strips Application

Hey everyone! Our nail polish strips are so easy to apply.  These wraps are great for adults, kids, & toes and last so much longer than traditional nail polish. They go on dry so there isn't any smudging or drying time. We think you'll love them as much as we do. Enjoy!

Easy application steps for our nail wraps:

Before applying:
1. Remove any previous nail polish. Clean nails and cuticles with rubbing alcohol.
2. Push back or remove skin that may be sticking to the nail. Cuticles will prevent nail polish from adhering properly.
Application steps:
1. Choose your nail strip based on width. Choose a strip that is NO WIDER than your nail, but that covers from one edge to the other. Separate this strip from the rest of the sheet.
2. Remove the clear protective top layer from the strip that you have chosen.
3. Separate the bottom protective layer from the nail polish layer.
4. Apply the nail strip, sticky side down, starting at the cuticle and smoothing up toward the tip of the nail.
5. Gently cut off excess nail strip with fingernail clippers or scissors, leaving the strip slightly longer than the nail.
6. File off excess nail strip using a nail file. Always file in a downward motion to avoid tearing the nail strip.
7. Keep nails dry for 1-3 hours after applying nail strips. The longer they stay dry, the longer they will last.
8. Use a clear top coat on the tips of your nails to help the strips last even longer.

To remove we suggest your traditional nail polish removers. Both acetone and non-acetone nail polish removers work great on our nail polish strips. 

Tip - save your leftover nail polish strips and save them in a sealed bag.  We recommend saving the original packaging and heat sealing.  Optional, you can use a ziplock bag.