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Manson leggings, lounge pants and joggers

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Our leggings are the softest poly/spandex blend! 

All have Pockets!

Joggers & Lounge Pants have functioning drawstring waist.

Sizing is as follows: 
Tween fits 0-6
OS fits 2-14 
PS fits 16-24
EPS/XPS fits 22-30   

When on the cusp/in between sizes it's best to size up for best fit! 

Customer Reviews

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Surprised & In Love

I'm a huve Marilyn Manson fan so when I seen someone post a photo of the red Manson print leggings with a link in a fan group page I checked em out and then seen they had the red Manson print and also this other Manson print as well but not only that they also had different style options as well that gave you a choice of joggers, leggings, & lounge pants wich made it even more great! I liked both prints and decided I'd like the joggers but only the red print still had them available so for the other print I decided to choose the lounge pants but I was kinda worried at first because I never bought from this site before and although someone else in a group online said they had a legit and good experience in the back of my mind was the thought of if they could be just trying to bring more buyers and maybe even getting some kind of personal benefit from it or if maybe they could have just gotten lucky, ect. Buy I searched reviews and from what I found the site seemed legit enough for me to give it a chance and I ordered both the red print joggers and the other print in lounge pants and I'm so glad I did cause I just received the lounge pants(sure the others will be here in the next day or so) and I'm so shocked how fast I got them, I ordered them Monday night and it's Thursday morning, nothing off any other site has ever gotten delivered to me this fast before without paying for over night shipping. Not only that but I worried that the lounge pants might be like alot of other lounge and pajama pants I have had that would often be pretty thin and even the ones that were not very thin would get holes and rip easy but these feel alot better quality and more durable than I expected and to me the print may make em look kinda like Panama pants but the actual style is kinda like a mix between pajama pants, sweat pants, and leggings. If they would have looked too much like pajama or sleep pants I might not would wear them if I go out somewhere even though I'd what anyone thinks it's just usually I prefer other fits and what goes with what I'm wearing and also weather but these I'd wear out just like regular pants. I love they have pockets and the material. I'll definitely be checking this site more often for more stuff if it has nice, cool and quality products like this. 🖤

Thanks for trying our leggings & joggers - we're so happy to hear you love them! We appreciate you giving our small business a chance. :-)