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Journey Bag Collection

We have customized the shape of our bags to avoid any possible issues for you from those other popular brands.
Our Journey Collection is now Available!
Our Journey Totes offer you a range of sizes - each one has just the right amount of space for your next beach trip, pool day, sporting event, running errands and any adventure you choose!
Durable and washable!
Each bag comes with a matching set of handles! (Additional handles are extra)
Canvas inserts are additional as well.
We have tested a popular style of this bag and found them to be bulky and too heavy! So we have developed a new thinner style that’s much more manageable.
We also have interchangeable straps that are EASY to switch out!
Swap out the included matching straps with a rope style handle, leopard style, or for the mini bags a sunflower style.
When you're done with your day, rinse out your bag and be ready for your next outing.